Setting UP Plant For Motors That Deliver 97% Efficiency

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What can four students competing in Formula Student race teams achieve? Why would these students, originally focused on developing an electric two-wheeler brand, pivot into the more challenging B2B business of motors? Attron’s Co-founder, Udhay Singh explained it all to Mukul from Electronics For You.

Four college students, with experience in Formula Racing and having collaborated with engineers from global gasoline and electric car racing teams, embarked on a mission to build an electric motorcycle for India. Their requirements from electric vehicle component makers were not simple, given their exposure to renowned engineers. “Either import from China, or spend a lot with Indian component manufacturers, to develop motors and motor controllers that we wanted; these were the only two choices left for us,” Udhay Singh says.

(Right to left) Udhay Singh, Co-founder & COO; Shubham Pode, Co-founder & CTO; Mosam Ugemeuge, Co-founder & CEO; Mohit Borkar, Co-founder and R&D Head

The four co-founders took it upon themselves to build motors and motor controllers for the electric motorcycle they were developing and took a pivot into the component manufacturing business. Why the name ‘Attron’? “Because it means the new wave of electronics,” explains Singh.

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They set up shop in Pune and started development of PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motors). Within a year, they managed several proof-of-concept (PoC) models for two- and three-wheeler OEMs. “NDAs do not allow us to name OEMs we are doing business with, but our motors and motor controllers have helped vehicles gain 25% extra efficiency,” says Singh.

The startup claims their motors offer a system efficiency of more than 97%. The average efficiency, on the other hand, is around 92%. In PMSM motors, the best efficiency being offered in the market is 82%! PMSM motors are typically used in the electric vehicle industry as they offer complete control on torque at zero speed and superfast acceleration and deceleration capabilities.


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